November 29, 2023

PHBET 55BMW PRESIDENT Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. on Monday said he and his allies were not seeking to remove Vice-President Sara Duterte-Carpio, adding that there were no cracks in the ruling political coalition.

“We’re closely monitoring this because we don’t want her to be impeached,” Mr. Marcos told reporters during his trip to Honolulu, Hawaii at the weekend. “She does not deserve to be impeached.”

“We will make sure that this is something we will pay very close attention to.”

Mr. Marcos said his relationship with Ms. Duterte remains “excellent.” “We are very different in many ways, but we are also very similar in many ways.”

“On a professional level, nothing but good things to say about the work she has done in the Department of Education,” he added. “On a very personal level, we get along very well.”

The impeachment rumors came after the House of Representatives stripped her office and the Education department, which she heads, along with other agencies, of confidential funds for next year.

Her 777 casino app father, ex-President Rodrigo R. Duterte, has described the House of Representatives as the country’s “most rotten institution” after the House move.

On Sunday, Ms. Duterte-Carpio said she thinks she still enjoys the trust of Mr. Marcos.

“Why? Because before he left, I asked him about the impeachment and he told me the truth that he knows about the impeachment,” she said.

Mr. Marcos, 66, has veered away from key policies of his predecessor, standing up to China and pursuing closer ties with the US.

Ms. Duterete-Carpio on Sunday said her office was looking into alleged moves to impeach her at the House of Representatives, which presidential cousin and Speaker Ferdinand Martin G. Romualdez earlier denied.

Addressing the supposed rift in the UniTeam coalition made up of the biggest political parties and most influential clans, Mr. Marcos said in Filipino: “It has gotten stronger.”

“More people are going to Lakas, more people are going to PFP (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas),” he said. “We are consolidating the UniTeam. It actually has become bigger and stronger than it was before.”

Partido Federal is the party of Mr. Marcos, while Lakas-CMD is the party of Mr. Romualdez. — K.A.T. Atienza

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